About Us

Med Leaf Medical Marijuana Cards on the Treasure Coast

Since January of 2019, we’ve been providing compassionate care and personalized support to all of our patients here on the Treasure Coast. Founded collaboratively by Dr. Maureen Zelinka and Mr. Christopher Lippman on the values of providing the highest standards of medical care to their patients, Med Leaf’s ongoing goal is to educate about the benefits of medical marijuana, and to help their patients achieve a better quality of life.

Maureen Zelinka MD. PA. Med Leaf Medical Marijuana on the Treasure Coast

Dr. Maureen Zelinka has been caring for patients on the Treasure Coast since 1989. Her work has been in emergency and internal medicine, with a background as Medical Director for an assortment of operations. She was director of Air Ambulance Evacuation, as well as the Department of Corrections for St. Lucie County. She served as Substance Abuse Director for a rehabilitation facility, and is currently Medical Director for Port Saint Lucie Rehab & Healthcare Center. Dr. Zelinka is a licensed Controlled Substance Prescriber (for the Treatment of Chronic Non-malignant Pain) and authorized to order medical and low-THC Cannabis, serving patients in Fort Pierce and nearby areas.

Christopher Lippman Med Leaf Medical Marijuana on the Treasure Coast

Mr. Lippman has always believed in the medical qualities of cannabis and was an advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in the State of Florida. Mr. Lippman is hopeful that Dr. Zelinka and the Med Leaf team will be able to provide great results through new treatment options that are now available to patients because of medical marijuana.