Frequently Asked Questions Medical Marijuana Cards on the Treasure Coast

Florida rule 64-4.011, F.A.C. requires all patients and caregivers to have a Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card.

1.  How long before I can start purchasing medicine?

  • Immediately. After acquiring the approval from a Florida physician who has been licensed by the State of Florida to prescribe medical marijuana, the patient will have a portal created by the prescribing doctor which will give the patient access to complete their annual online application. The initial online application is something MedLeaf’s team members will help every new patient with as a courtesy during the first visit. The Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) is now interconnected to Florida’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to allow for prospective new patients to gain automatic approval from the state.  Assuming a new patients information is up to date with Florida’s (DMV), if said patient is qualified by a MedLeaf Doctor, the patient will be able to start purchasing medicine as soon as they leave our office.

2.  Do I need medical documentation to be seen by the doctor?

  • Medical Documentation is not necessary, upon your first visit we will have you sign a medical release form which will allow us to reach out to your doctor/doctors for you.  Each new patient will see Dr. Zelinka and at that point the doctor will determine what documentation we will be reaching out to obtain.

3.  What is the initial evaluation fee? 

  • Prices are comparable to other treatment clinics.  Please contact our office for exact pricing.  The initial evaluation with the doctor is a free consultation, if Dr. Zelinka determines that a patient does not meet the qualifying criteria, their payment will be refunded in full.  The state of Florida charges each patient $75.00 per year to have a medical card, which is separate from the doctor.

4.  Where can I purchase my medicine?

  • Medicine will be purchased from a state licensed dispensary.  A patient will have access to any dispensary in the state, and can even visit multiple dispensaries per day.  Each dispensary chain has their own discount program, so it usually works in a patient’s favor to shop around a bit. 

5. How do I renew my ID card?

To maintain an active Medical Marijuana Use Registry identification card, you and/or your caregiver must annually submit a renewal application, along with the application fee and any required accompanying documents to the department forty-five (45) days prior to the card expiration date. Per state law, the patient is required to be seen “physically” by the certifying physician every 7 months. You have 2 expiration dates to monitor. You and your caregiver can submit a renewal application either online or by mail.

The 2020 Florida Statutes 381.986 Medical use of marijuana.

Florida Administrative Code & Florida Administrative Register Rule Chapter: 64-4 COMPASSIONATE USE